C Language by SivaRamayya

Lectures C Language Videos Duration
Session 1 C- Language tutorials|| C Language introduction by ShivaRamaya Preview 20:25
Session 2 C Language tutorial||Onlinetraining||C Language Basic Part-1 by SivaRamayya Preview 12:05
Session 3 C Language tutorial||||onlinetraining||C Language Basic Part-2 by SivaRamayya Preview 19:36
Session 4 C Language tutorial||C Language Basic Part-3 by SivaRamayya Preview 21:06
Session 5 C Language tutorial || onlinetraining || Operators || Arithmetic Operators by Sivaramayya Preview 7:00
Session 6 C Language tutorial || onlinetraining || Operators || Relational Operators by Sivaramayya Preview 11:51
Session 7 C Language tutorial || onlinetraining || Operators || Logical Operators by Sivaramayya Preview 16:31
Session 8 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Shorthand Assignment Operators by Sivaramayya Preview 4:13
Session 9 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Increment & Decrement operator by Sivaramayya Preview 10:29
Session 10 C Language tutorial || onlinetraining || Operators || Operator precedence by Sivaramayya Preview 7:22
Session 11 C Language tutorial || onlinetraining || Operators || Conditional Operator by Sivaramayya Preview 8:43
Session 12 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Bitwise Operators Part-1 by Sivaramayya Preview 17:08
Session 13 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Bitwise Operators Part-2 by Sivaramayya Preview 12:31
Session 14 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Bitwise Printf() Formatting by Sivaramayya Preview 19:37
Session 15 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Library Functions by Sivaramayya Preview 14:34
Session 16 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Character Library Functions by Sivaramayya Preview 9:16
Session 17 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||if statement by Sivaramayya Preview 6:42
Session 18 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||switch statement by Sivaramayya Preview 6:05
Session 19 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||loops by Sivaramayya Preview 18:01
Session 20 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||while loop by Sivaramayya Preview 11:14
Session 21 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Goto Statement by Sivaramayya Preview 7:27
Session 22 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||ASCII Characters by Sivaramayya Preview 11:09
Session 23 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||ENUM by Sivaramayya Preview 6:10
Session 24 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Arrays Part-1 by Sivaramayya Preview 14:30
Session 25 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Arrays Part-2 by Sivaramayya Preview 9:20
Session 26 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Arrays Part-3 by Sivaramayya Preview 17:30
Session 27 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Pointers by Sivaramayya Preview 35:39
Session 28 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Control characters by Sivaramayya Preview 16:23
Session 29 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Strings Part-1 by Sivaramayya Preview 19:11
Session 30 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Strings Part-2 by Sivaramayya Preview 35:13
Session 31 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Usre difined functions Part-1 by Sivaramayya Preview 32:36
Session 32 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||User difined functions Part-2 by Sivaramayya Preview 15:31
Session 33 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||passing arrays to functions by Sivaramayya Preview 12:00
Session 34 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Scop of variables part-1 by Sivaramayya Preview 32:14
Session 35 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Scop of variables part-2 by Sivaramayya Preview 12:03
Session 36 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||unions by Sivaramayya Preview 18:19
Session 37 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Memory allocation by Sivaramayya Preview 14:34
Session 38 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||File Handling Part-1 by Sivaramayya Preview 25:06
Session 39 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||File Handling Part-2 by Sivaramayya Preview 29:29
Session 40 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Variable number of arguments by Sivaramayya Preview 8:47
Session 41 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||macros by Sivaramayya Preview 23:37
Session 42 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Function Pointers by Sivaramayya Preview 15:02

C Language FAQ’s by SivaRamayya

Lectures C Language FAQ’s Videos Duration
Session 1 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is diff between local and global variables by Sivaramayya Preview 13:21
Session 2 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is pointer?How it is used? by Sivaramayya Preview 13:54
Session 3 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is a function?Why it is used? by Sivaramayya Preview 12:00
Session 4 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||coll by value? coll by reference? by Sivaramayya Preview 18:21
Session 5 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Recursion? by Sivaramayya Preview 8:05
Session 6 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining|| What is null pointer? by Sivaramayya Preview 1:39
Session 7 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining|| What is dangling pointer? by Sivaramayya Preview 3:25
Session 8 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining|| What is Pointer to Pointer? by Sivaramayya Preview 8:25
Session 9 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining|| Static and Dynamic memory allocation? by Sivaramayya Preview 13:10
Session 10 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Diff between Structure & Union? by Sivaramayya Preview 22:10
Session 11 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||How is structure diff form other data types? by Sivaramayya Preview 3:48
Session 12 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is Auto keyword? by Sivaramayya Preview 6:41
Session 13 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is Static Variable? by Sivaramayya Preview 4:11
Session 14 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||sprintf()? by Sivaramayya Preview 4:15
Session 15 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is an Array? by Sivaramayya Preview 10:12
Session 16 Can a Program be run without main()? Preview 3:16
Session 17 Diff between getting chars with functions? Preview 16:54
Session 18 How to print a msg with printf withouting semicollon? Preview 3:12
Session 19 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is ANSI? Preview 2:23
Session 20 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Escape sequences Preview 13:07
Session 21 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Who devloped C? Preview 1:24
Session 22 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is type casting? Preview 7:37
Session 23 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is infiniyte loop? Preview 2:22
Session 24 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||swap two variables without using third variable? Preview 4:00
Session 25 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Fibonacci series? Preview 9:30
Session 26 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Generating fibonacci series using recursion? Preview 7:29
Session 27 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||How to check if a number is prime or not? Preview 12:10
Session 28 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||How to find factorial of a number? Preview 7:32
Session 29 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||How to check if a number is armstroong number? Preview 12:27
Session 30 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||How to reverse a number? Preview 7:00
Session 31 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||How to use break/continue? Preview 7:39
Session 32 C Language tutorial|Diff between specifying include files? Preview 2:52
Session 33 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||How are negative numbers stored in memory? Preview 4:25
Session 34 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Diff between char array and string? Preview 7:22
Session 35 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Register storage specifier? Preview 5:34
Session 36 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is typedif how it is used? Preview 6:42
Session 37 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||increment/decrement operators? Preview 6:55
Session 38 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||lvalue & rvalue? Preview 4:21
Session 39 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||const variables? Preview 7:11
Session 40 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||using const specifier during variable declaration? Preview 9:55
Session 41 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Function: formal/actual parameters? Preview 5:07
Session 42 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is void pointer?where is it used? Preview 7:52
Session 43 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is void pointer?where is it used? Preview 7:10
Session 44 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is nested structure? Preview 9:36
Session 45 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Extern keyword? Preview 10:13
Session 46 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is stack/heep? Preview 5:15
Session 47 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||diff between declaration & definition? Preview 10:42
Session 48 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||diff between initialization and assignment? Preview 1:42
Session 49 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||self referential structure? Preview 2:09
Session 50 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||preprocessor directive? Preview 3:45
Session 51 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||what is purpose of break in switch statement? Preview 8:20
Session 52 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||what is purpose of operator? Preview 4:25
Session 53 C Language tutorial||What is data type returned by file open function? Preview 4:08
Session 54 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is purpose of stricmp()? Preview 7:01
Session 55 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Diff between strcpy()/strncpy()? Preview 6:50
Session 56 C Language tutorial||What is result of 15.25%3? by Sivaramayya Preview 5:07
Session 57 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is ternary operator? Preview 3:41
Session 58 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||unconditional branching how to doin C? Preview 6:16
Session 59 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is static function?how it is used? Preview 14:11
Session 60 What is operator is used to determine variable size are data type size? Preview 3:57
Session 61 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is working of XOR? Preview 4:17
Session 62 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Can variables of different scope have same name? Preview 4:00
Session 63 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is string library for appending a string? Preview 3:29
Session 64 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is stdin? Preview 3:05
Session 65 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is function used closeing file? Preview 1:04
Session 66 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is structure? Preview 2:29
Session 67 C Language tutorial||What function is used to release dynamically allocated data? Preview 2:04
Session 68 How to know if a file is opened sucessfully? Preview 1:47
Session 69 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||what type of files is generated by linker? Preview 1:06
Session 70 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||Rules of naming variable? Preview 2:11
Session 71 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||function should always be declared before use? Preview 5:31
Session 72 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||can a function return multiple values? Preview 2:01
Session 73 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining|| can a function return multiple values? Preview 1:26
Session 74 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What is generic pointer? Preview 3:05
Session 75 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||How to initialize a structre? Preview 1:49
Session 76 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||can two structure variables be compared? Preview 1:59
Session 77 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||What function is used to search for a substring? Preview 1:21
Session 78 C Language tutorial||onlinetraining||which loop is used for fixed number of executions? Preview 1:50